Monday, July 25, 2011

Bullshit friendship with people who think they are popular

I always thought that be friend with people who think they are popular will giving me the worst experiences. I know sometimes I could think something like this, seems like doesn't make any sense, why must "popular"? Well, I tell you one my story when I was 13 years old. During my school time, I have one classmate name Helen. She's a pretty teenage girl, fair skin, smart, she has many friends and many guys admire her.

One day when we have a rest time in school. She came to me and ask me to go to canteen with her because she wanted to buy food to eat. Without thinking too much, I just go with her. I felt pity when I saw her begging me to accompany her because she's all alone that time.

When we arrived at canteen, I saw she suddenly walk faster than me because just now she go hand in hand with me, she didn't buy anything just like what she told me when we in our class. She went after her friends while I waiting for her like so long. The students inside the canteen just like an ocean until I lost my view toward her. I keep waiting her perhaps she could buy anything and we can go to our class after that.

While I'm still at canteen being a stupid doll, I saw her walking to our class with her friends without looking at me standing here. I think she don't even remember a little about me, about how she begged me to accompany her to go here. After the school bell rang, I walking alone go to the class.

How pathetic my story, right? I did mad at her and I did mad at myself more because being so stupid. I guess I have learned my mistake, which I always be careful to be kind to random random people especially people who think they are famous, like so many people willing to do anything for them. Fuck tho. I will never treat people like that, I should love myself first before anything.


Izzul Amir said...

tinggalkn sorg je ?
ishh jahat

AmirFX said...

Kmk pernah kenak tinggal kawan kmk.. Time ya kmk dah nak nait tosikal.. Tapinya dah jalan dolok sebelum kmk sempat nait gik...

alinac lover said...

sadis gak cerita ni