Thursday, July 28, 2011

English oral test result

Maybe today is my unlucky day. I mean all this things happen starting from this morning, I mean during my English class. You know why?? Because this day my lecturer announced me and my classmates about our oral test marks.

Can you guys imagine that I only got around 5.5 over 20? This is very frustrated. I don't know why, I used to that think Mandarin oral test are more difficult than English oral test but why 5.5? Miss Carolline, I don't know if she too strict or not because I see my other classmates also got very low marks but, still I can say that maybe I am the lowest one among all of them.

I feel suck and I think I try to humiliating myself right now when I tell you guys about this topic. (Under my blanket right now because I feel shy with all my broken words). 

I also feel so sad at the same time actually, maybe I was not good enough to get the best mark especially in kind of this language. Cha cha!


AmirFX said...

Keep practicing dear.. U can do it..

cEro said...

everybody have their downtime..maybe this is yours...but surely, the worse than a fall down is not back up..