Monday, August 8, 2011

University life for student

There's nothing easy about further our study. It's all start before you enter the university which you need to apply and wait. Before you go apply, you must have a good result of STPM, matriculation, or diploma. Some people really need to further their study not because they wanted to have a good job, they actually wanted for recognition like degree, master or PhD.

If you're given a chance to further your study in university, don't easily get so happy until you forgot your purpose here. Never be snobbish, don't go enjoy too much. Be a university student doesn't mean you can finish it successfully. I have seen a lot of people failed to finish their study because they think they can't afford it. One thing you need to remind yourself is you need to survive everyday until you pass at the end.

Use you study loan (PTPTN) smartly, buy laptop or smartphone which you can use for google or study. Always keep extra money for emergency and the most important is, don't easily get culture shock because you will ruin your life and your study later, Don't be a troblemaker, remember your family and study smart. Don't force yourself if you feel so tired. Get enough of sleep, eat well and sleep well. You can go enjoy your weekend with your friends, maybe some movies or shopping. Try to relax but don't too much,

These are the tips that I can share with you before you take any further step and wish you all the best. I'm not a good or dean student, I did mistakes so many times but I will never give up. I like to go out enjoy myself but I don't forget to study. I'm free but I still can control myself. Next semester will be my tough one, I hope I can finish it successfully!


AmirFX said...

Benar ya.. Kmk rindu time belajar kat U.. Time yalah banyak benda nak dipolah.. Macam sik abis jak.. Nektok bila dah keja dikpun nang terasa lah kepayahan..

alinac lover said...

btoi tu

Seindah Bicara 2 said...

time kat u ni, da x same cm skola menengah. kat u ni kene pandai bwk diri. klw yg cm lalang tu mudah je terpengaruh ngn kawan2. mmg kne be aware slalu. =)

iyka syafika said...

betol yg belum msk alam tu..rse cm nk msok bile da msk u...baru mereka tahu cam mne kehidupan sne.smua nye kne berdiri diatas kaki sendiri kan?

mushroom farah said...

hmm...mcm susah je nk masuk u..
harap dpt masuk n dapt hadapi cabarn..tnggu rslt spm..=)