Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why I cry more easily?

There's a lot of normal people don't really like someone who easily to cry. To them, those kind of people are weak, attention seeker and annoyed. Well, hard to admit but I'm the one who easily get emotional and cry a lot. It is not because I like it, it is because I can't control my feelings.

When I was a teenager, I was very sensitive person, until all my classmates and also the teacher call me as a "congek" which mean someone who easy to cry. Yeah, whatever. I think they should be glad that all I can do is cry other than do something harm to the other people because mostly I cry not because I'm sad, but I'm so damn mad and I know I can't do anything about it. I rather hurt myself than hurt people around me.

I am a ego person. I'm not crying just because I'm touched or maybe not yet. Maybe some people will never understand this feeling, maybe they always keep in mind "Ouh, that's not a big deal" and probably forget about it. While me, some dark memories will remain inside my mind until someday, they will pay me back. Kinda psycho isn't it?

We should know, different people, different attitude. I'm not a good person but I'm not weak. I might be an attention seeker but I will not do something stupid just to get an attention from people other than showing some selfie pictures or wear branded things, you know people nowadays. There's no exception. All people are attention seekers.

Tears can release stress, you know that don't you. But just don't cry and proudly showing your tears in front of people. Keep it by yourself unless you feel that you can't hide it anymore.

Whatever happen, let have a drink, from me round face girl

p/s: People who don't really know about me usually think that I'm a happy-go-lucky person while people who first time see me will think that I'm snobbish.


Jasman said...

jgn sedih sgt...nanti batal puasa...hehe

ïêmå å¢klê§ said...

iema menangis dalam bilik jerk....
lagi sedey kalau cite ngn member

jangan sedey2 erk ^_^

Elie Lily said...

menangis la kalau boleh melegakan segala kekusutan! :)

Aida Azryn said...

hehe.. biasa ah tu.. wanita mmg mudah nangis oh.. sebenarnya nangis bagus sbb ley redakan ati kta yg duka. so nangis2 puas2.. mudah2an lpas tu ati tenang... :)

deyla illa said...

Saya pon mudah nagis..hal kecik pon boleh nagis..kadang2 bgang dgn diri sendri n rimas..hahhaa

deyla illa said...

Saya pon mudah nagis..hal kecik pon boleh nagis..kadang2 bgang dgn diri sendri n rimas..hahhaa