Monday, August 15, 2011

Fall in love and being hurt

One day, we meet someone, we know her/his name, we try to be close to them and suddenly we fall in love. We try to communicate more, having a good conversation, sharing the secrets, know what they like, what they hate, their talent, their weakness and we fall in love more. Well, that's normal.

We can fall in love with the people that we want to fall in love. That's the fact that we can't deny because we can't control the feelings. But, the worst part about fall in love is not all people will love us back. Sometimes, there're people who like to act like they loves you but actually they don't. They just want to play around with legal way.

There're also some people who just want to be friend with us, nothing more than that. Easy to fall in love, easy to get bored and easy to get hurt. That's us. Just, don't mess with other people's feeling. We don't know when our turn to get what we give to them. If you don't love them, you better be serious about it. Let them understand.

Don't give any hope to them doesn't mean you need to hate them. You just be cool and let them calm down. This is the true about fall in love and being hurt. Nothing is perfect.


Anonymous said...

dunia belum berakhirrrr bila kau putuskan akuuuu~~~ tetiba teringat lagu ni hehe

Izzul Amir said...

haha mcm sedih jee
chill lah :D

anep said...

jgn sedih2
life mmg mcm nie

anep said...

jgn sedih2
life mmg mcm nie

hamzah ian said...

jgn sedih2

AmirFX said...

Kmk sambung komen orang first ya...

"maseh banyak teman2ku disini menemaniku"

Hahh.. Kan.. Banyak gik orang mok teman ngn ktk bahh..

gr@wn said...

terima kasih. Your post is really at the right time for me.

Looks like i met the wrong one. Thanks to god that i still have parents and brothers with me. :)