Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review my old entries

I did some review in my entries blog today, until I feel tired to read all of them back which more than 250 entries I guess. I did so many mistakes when I was newbie, like some sentences a quite messy and not justify or grammar error and many inappropriate words. My blog also look very simple because I'm a bit noob in HTML code editing.

The other mistake that I have found in my blog is I put so much short-forms inside it, well luckily I did my best to fix all of it. yeah, sometimes I feel irritating because most of my old entries sound like childish like daaaa..

I also found that, I'm a bit rough and some entries I wrote quite emotionally. But now I try to avoid it, you know when you need to say something negative but in the same time you need to be professional. I bet some visitor maybe think I'm an extremist in something but I try to be more liberal and open minded.

There's a lot of things that I have not learn it yet, and I try to be the best just for myself and be more rational here even though it is just my personal blog which you can say anything you want in this public blog.

p/s : I realize that I didn't update my blog on April, wondering what I've done on that time.


AmirFX said...

Post entry kmk lamak dolok kejawak gik rupanya... haha.. Nway, ktk pun post kacak gik susunan dari post entry blog kmk.. Keep it up...

gr@wn said...

Nevermind. That's the meaning of free-mind post. ;)