Monday, August 29, 2011

Racist people attitudes

1. When they want to make a group project or what-so-ever group, they normally will find people who have the same belief and race with them until other people see them and call them as "***race group". They only want to communicate with their own language with their own people. We are all will see this kind of group people especially in university and wherever college and school.

2. When people who have same race with them did a mistake, we tend to ignore and try to backup them and lame excuses. When people who have different races with them did a mistake, they'll automatically curse and hate them not because of that people mistake, but because of their different race. The small mistake will become big and worst.

3. They try to copy and insult other's belief and ritual like praying and so on. They did it because they think that's a joke and they laugh hard.

4. They feel too proud with their race and their religion. They try to show off it in front of everyone. They will tell everyone that the richest, the successful people is one of their kind.

5. They will trust more with their own people. When they are employer want to seek for employee, they will choose candidate that have same race with them or at least can speak their language. They put their trust more to the people who have same race with them.

6. They tend to call people's name with people'race like "That Malay bitch" or "That Chinese boy" instead of calling their name or just the boy, or girl, or group of people.

7. They like to talk bad about other people using their own language especially when that poor people don't understand at all what they're saying.

8. They tend to believe fake news from other people's stories or from the internet about how bad other religion is. They're so in love with something they wanted to listen and just see the things that they wanted to see.


Jasman said...

sokong...kadang2 aku rasis juga...suka hukum kaum tu dengan gelaran tertentu...pada hal yg buat sesuatu kesalahan tu hanya sebilangan shj...mungkin sbb cara pemikiran kita mcm tu dr dulu...susah sebenarnya nak ubah...kalau kita ckp pasal sesuatu kaum kita akan dinggap rasis...jd kita hanya boleh jaga tepi kain kita shj...

gr@wn said...

sebab itu la kita kena cuba sedarkan orang camni. Ramai kot. Mak aku sendiri macam tu.

Kadang kala aku sendiri yang racist. Biasa la. Kita susah nak sedar kesalahan diri kita.