Sunday, October 23, 2011

Anime and manga

Its been long time I didn't update my blog since I start enjoying with my semester holiday. Now, we just start a new semester and I can bet I will be so damn busy and need to rush for the 4 months before final exam. The good news in this time is I can stay at Sakura college for this semester and the bad news is my merit still 2 out of 15 which one of requirement to stay at college for the next semester. 

You know these days, I've been watched old school anime like Chobits. I love so much with Chii's character. She so cute and this anime kinda sad because she's looking for someone that she love so much but in the same time, she's a robot or something that they called as OS (Operating System). I remember when I was a teenager. I like to draw manga. The first character that inspire me to draw some manga is Sailor Moon anime. 

Even though my manga looks like not so good, I realized that's the thing that can make me so happy and my friends love to see me draw them. Can you describe me how it feels like when you know there's not many people in one community can draw something better than you? I didn't mean to praise be to me but I still felt so proud because I was one of them (actually there's other people in my school can draw better, mostly guys).

Well, this is one of my not so well art but I'm proud of it

Sometimes I really miss my old time. The time that I've been so crazy about anime. Now, I have changed into different person which anime is no longer my favorite. Before, I was dream to be a Cartoonist, now I just focus on science things and survive to live. 


AmirFX said...

waaa.. Ada bakat melukis ktk... Wish ktk dapat polah anime kelak.. Jarang ada pelukis anime dari Sarawak...

teyhah said...

chobit bess ;)

Mitsu Kizu Zie said...

wahhhhhh~minat melukis juak!!!