Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love, control and being controlled

Why we need to control our partner? It this because we love them so much or we afraid we might be losing them? Well, maybe that's true because some people need to be controlled. Most of people hated being such a "doll" to them because they wanted a privacy. Some people prefer to have some space for themselves, but it is doesn't mean they call people who like to control are psycho.

Stop judging other people. Maybe there's something make them being such like that as long as they didn't harm their partner, control and jealousy is still normal. Like me, I like to control my partner a bit and I like being controlled by him, well at least he ask me to show that he still care about me.

Being controlled is not so bad at all as long as it is still in limit. As couple, privacy is doesn't matter at all. The most important thing that they must know is trust each other and no secret. NEVER, even it is just old memories.

For fuck sake, just forget about fair or not fair. Love is not about fair. It is about sacrifice and tolerance. At least try to understand your partner and appreciate everytime they with you. Anything happen just try to discuss face to face. If we're truly love them, we will accept them and never questioning.

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AmirFX said...

Banyakkan perbincangan kalau ada masalah.. Boleh mengeratkan lagi hubungan...