Thursday, November 3, 2011

A story about a Malaysia peninsular blogger

Didn't realize this month is already November. I've been so busy lately with UNIMAS activities and sometimes need to study even though final exam is not yet around the corner. While I try to read my notes at my friend's hostel house, suddenly Cascy come to us and show to us one blog about something. It's a UNIMAS student blog, like me but her topic is quite sensitive. I feel a bit angry when I try to read the content actually.

Well, I just call her as a "S". She's from Malaysia peninsular. The sensitive topic that she's trying to discuss in her blog was actually posted long time ago but I just don't understand why this time she's got the viral? Is this because no one realize about it before?

What is her sensitive topic? Well, it is just about racist things between Sarawak and Malaysia peninsular. Some Malaysia peninsular can't really accept our culture here especially when they think they're from city. Everybody knows that not all city people are rich, so if some poor and religious peninsular people trying to say something bad about how Sarawak people live here, in the forest, no facilities, lame and what so ever, that's the shame on them.

I suggest peninsular people who pretend they're disgusting about Sarawak just stay away from Sarawak. I didn't put all the blame on peninsular people because some Sarawak people here also racist and fuck sick moron. I didn't blame the "S" too here. Maybe she just so naive, or need an attention, or she just don't understand what the hell is going on since she stay far away from her parent.

But I disagree when she trying to influence other people how bad the Sarawak is. What is someone who never go to Sarawak read her blog and suddenly set their mind that Sarawakian are dick? Just like Sarawakian go for abroad and try to brainwash about Malaysia peninsular people to the non-Malaysian which most of them never go to Malaysia and set their mind that Malay people are dick. I'm not talking about religion here because it is so international.

I know she's now become so famous because of what she's have done. I understand the blog concept, we free to discuss all of the topic but please choose the appropriate words carefully so that we didn't hurt other people. Why not we just use the "some" word instead of "all" or none like I always did. I understand her purpose that she trying to help her friends and be the speaker so all the people will know how hard life as a student have to study far away from family. We're all have the same experiences at different places. You guys can check her blog entry.. I mean if they still exist or maybe soon she will delete her blog.

She should be glad that she can further her study at UNIMAS. Not all people lucky in this world. Moreover, she's Muslim and quite religious (I think). So, she should follow what her religion ask her to do. Be humble for example, not trying to criticize other people, or killing the non-Muslim and apostasy... Opps. Kidding.


AmirFX said...

Kompom mok femes cepat... Ishh.. Geram juak nengar walaupun kmk bukan student Unimas tapi dari seginya kakar ya macam tauk semua jak...

gr@wn said...

apapun, aku suka dia berterus terang :)

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

bagus2. km da save entry dia ni. sy mau bg member len baca tp dh delete entry si S ni. pinjam gmbr ya. heeee

Mitsu Kizu Zie said...

biasa la budak hingusan macam si S ya patut juak di pulaukan sebab perangai pn x bagus dah ya nganok UNIMAS dh la tempat study nya pn gik ya~ntah2 berkat ka sik ilmu nya belaja sia~tegal passport tegal excident cikit ya alu nak judge org serawak semua jaik~nasihat si S ya g bunuh diri jak la~HA HA HA

alinac lover said...

xbgs maa buat gitew