Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Simple blog layout

I remember when I was young and newbie in blogging. I always wanted to decorating my blog with all gadgets until my blog looks so heavy to load. Before, every bloggers must have a shoutmix to inform the owner that they have visit their friend's blog. Now, I think I don't need it anymore.

Sometimes, shoutmix also got so many problem like not always available since they connect to different link. So, I think it's better put the which one is important in this blog. I want to make my blog look so simple and nice.

Also, I don't have enough knowledge in editing blog template and layout. I just use what this website provide to me and the other bloggers. I just know a bit how to edit the HTML code and seriously, I don't want to mess all those complicated code again. It's took many days to arrange the layout!

I used to think that I want to delete some of my entries because most of them looks like so childish but when I think again, that's one of my only memories and I can review back how I'm growing up from me before until me now.


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Pan Asia said...

Entry lama jgn padam yerkk... entry yg agak lucu kerana masih baru dalam blogger adalah kenangan yg terindah... hihihihihiii sanggup lagi ker baca enrty sendiri zaman dolu2