Friday, January 13, 2012

Lies on internet

Nowadays, we've been exposed with many invalid truth of global issues like religions, races, trends and many other things on internet. The most example that we can talk about is Facebook. Everytime we scrolling our home wall, we always see stories shared by our friends. Why share? Because we just can't read the contain until we click the share button (some). Sometimes people just like to share the stories because they want other people know "the truth".

But, how about the stories they have share is just a lie which we also can't confirm the sources or the websites are valid or not? Didn't we feel at least a bit guilty because we're now part the of "devil". We spread the lies and how come we still not feel anything just because we're the victim too? Wake up, please don't act like we're innocent.

I feel sad when I see most people blindly believe in something. They don' even think the consequences, they just want to see what they wanted to see. If the source was offended them, they will considered the source is invalid. Well, that's people. Funny and predictable.

Why so hard people just read the stories without share to anybody unless we can confirm the truth of the stories.

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TeacherNurul said...

oh internet bukan medium yang jujur sepenuhnya. kita sebagai pengguna harus bijak kan? :) good entry!