Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My hard life

I understand what happen to me lately. I understand my condition right now especially when I have o deal with people who do not like me or what i'm doing and also my study problems. All I have to do right now is keep myself calm and not easy being such emotional person.

I am different than any other girl. They were exposed to technology and trend earlier than me. They know how to use the computer and cellphone better than me. They know how to dress more beautiful than me. Do you know that I was never wear any jeans during my primary and secondary school. Maybe tracksuits and t-shirts was part of my life that time.

I understand my life is hard, so I have to study hard to reach my dream to be a successful woman. I will not study smart because I knew I can't work unless I push myself to do so. Other parent like to buy something for their children if their study result look so well. Lucky them, because when I got many A's in subjects, I never get anything from anyone. My dad used to said that never give anything in return to anyone who achieved their dreams successfully. You just make them work only for something, not sincere as their priority.

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AmirFX said...

Nang jauh beza dolok marek ngn nektok... :D