Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sensitive people categories

People who sensitive tend to be more jealous and lack of confident with themselves. They cannot be criticized even only a small matter because it will hurt their feeling. But, just don't put the blame on them for being too sensitive, sometimes they can't control their feeling because they can't be someone that they always wanted.

Usually people who more sensitive consist of these kind of categories below:

1. That person either too fat or too skinny.

2. They are people who think they are ugly like, acne face, pigmentation, scars and so on.

3. Their skin color either too dark or too pale.

4. They're outdated person, lack of general knowledge.

5. They are not smart person, not even sport person and even nerd have their confident for being smart.

6. They are too short or too tall.

7. They are poor people.

But not all categorizes above lack their confidence. Sometimes they are more confident because they have special talent which other normal people don't have. They also can become more attractive like, trust me. I have seen it!


Lily Jaafar said...

setiap manusia kan di lahirkan punya keistimewaan dan keunikan tersendiri...

jom baca blog kak lola plak, utk tambahkan keyakinan diri ke apa apa saje la bacaan santai jom :)

salam maulidur rasul :)

Aida Azryn said...

betol2.. jangan terlalu bangga sangat.