Friday, March 30, 2012

Study tour to Kuching museums

My schedule now full with our college activities. I have less time to study and I still need to make myself busy with activities in a way to college some merit. Moreover, I also enjoying our activities since I've been surrounded by my friends. Tomorrow will be my midterm exam and I still be able to go out playing.

I'm still suck in balancing my student life between study and activities. Well, I try to act like I'm okay and be happy, in the same time I need to remind myself about my midterm exam and I need to go to study well at least do some preparation. This semester, I'm taking TMX subject which is about computer (software and hardware). That's the thing is actually still stuck in my mind until I throw it all in the exam. By the way, do you guys familiar with web 1.0 and web 2.0, about topology, HTML code, XHTML code and what so ever? Well, nay. 

Took my picture with my friend inside museum shop


Prince Noob said...

ala liana cutenye... belajar rerajin ya... done follow

Liana Ryan said...

thanks.. belajr jangan tak belajar.. hehe