Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When people said about "fat things" to me and my friends

There're a lot of people with different life and attitude. There're good people who being good to everyone around them, there're good people who being good to the certain people and there're bad people who being bad to the certain people. What I want to say here is sarcastic people is considered as bad people.

I believe that nobody is 100% stupid. When people see fat people and said "you're so healthy, tough and happy person now" and never believe that. That's the one sarcastic way on how they say about fat people. You guys know why I'm saying something like this? Because one of my friend's friend comment our picture below and say something like I said just now. Fat things!

Why they always think that people who being fat because of their food monster behavior? This is totally ridiculous! You think fat people asking to be fat don't you? I've seen a lot of skinny people eat more than fat people. Sugar, unhealthy foods, burgers, processed foods, meats, and these all of most skinny people favorite.

Some people like to make other people's life look so gloomy and happy when they succeed in making us feeling so emotional, sad and cry. They are happy and they believe in God and they are also believe in kindness. What the fuck?

Once again, don't ever mess with my friends. You don' know how much worth them to me.


Aida Azryn said...

ha'ah..kadang2 aida terasa jugak kata orang.. sebelum ni ada jugak kata, 'hang ni kurus sangat.. macam tak cukup makan' n macam2 la kata yang xberkenan. huhu.. padahal aida kuat makan. -..-" apa boleh buat kan? hmmm..

Liana Ryan said...

sy pun kuat makan juga, tapi orang lain pandang lain-lain jer dengan saya.. mereka jahat

Jasman said...

memang mereka jahat...hehe

Liana Ryan said...