Thursday, March 22, 2012

Show off people

All people like to show off something they've got. Their only purpose is only one, is just to make people feel down because don't have the things that they have. Jealousy is MUST. I sometimes like to show off too, I like to show off my knowledge to people but I never make them feel down or if I did, I didn't mean it.

I also been treated by people who like to show off especially when they told me, that they have so much fans, being too popular, being pretty, have a lot of money or buy new stuffs. I actually don't mind about it at all but I hate the way they look down on me and compare between me and them.

I used to be treated by someone who said "your phone is too old school and too cheap, my sister buy new branded phone...". I know sometimes I'm not so smart, my study performance also not so good, my face not so pretty, I have scars and I'm not rich. So, that's the reason why I mostly keep myself quiet when they try to say something nice about themselves.

But I really hope that I will never see this type of people anymore. I know they didn't mean to hurt us, they just want us to be jealous. But I'm bad person inside also. Maybe I did jealous, but deep inside my heart, I will hope they will get into trouble oneday. You see, how a bad person influence other person to be bad. That's why I try to avoid those people. They are disease.

Moreover, didn't you realize that they are actually so annoying. Yes, maybe they're better than us compare on what they have and we have but remember, that's their religion. Being too proud is normal to them. Poor.


AmirFX said...

haha.. sbar jelah kan..

Mitsu Kizu Zie said...

dalam 10 org kawan 1 org mmg prangai cmtu..