Sunday, April 8, 2012

My story in Biotechnology laboratory

That day was Thursday, which I the day I should go to the laboratory for experiment. I have joined the senior group to make Plant Transformation Experiment Using Naturally Occuring Biological System: Agrobacterium tumefaciens. LOL. Biotechlogy things.

When I'm bored, I took some picture of my glove

But in the same time, I felt sad too because I've been set aside by own senior group members. They seems like do the experiment with their own friends. Can you imagine that you all you can do that time is watching what your group members did. I try to help them but they said "No, that's wrong! this wrong!!" like they're an expert. Do they know that I used to be in lab so many fucking times and I know the rules, how to do the experiment properly like calculate the dilution, how to pipetting, and so on.

Just because I'm junior and I'm stranger, they treat me like an idiot. I know that I'm not dean student but I'm not stupid. I don't even put my interest on Biotechnology fields so much as I put my interest on medical laboratory fields. They don't even understand what it feels to be someone who struggling for the sake of family. For your information also, in university, student who took diploma always been treated bad compare to student from Matriculation, form 6 and from foundation. This is because student who took diploma have different culture of their study.

I remember when I firstly enter UNIMAS. There's only 3 of us who take Biotechnology programme for December intake. Two of them are Chinese and they kind of hardly to mix with me since I can't talk Mandarin. My other friends all take Chemistry, IT and Zoology and I know I will be all alone and have to mix with juniors and seniors group. I know this is hard but I have to be strong!

You know that time at lab, the lab technician suddenly came to my seniors and being mad because they don't know how to use centrifuge and they act like they know everything. While I'm just keep quiet and look at them at the corner. I used to use centrifuge machine so many times because I have lab experiences during my diploma practical. I guess I need to keep my mouth shut and pretend that I don't know anything. Well, especially when I meet "smart" people.

This time, the seniors just keep quiet because they know they are wrong and the lab technician woman was mad like a monster

I don't want to act like I'm hero, I know they will bash me because of their mindset about me. Student are human too, They aren't perfect even though they think they good enough. What a shame!


Jasman said...

sabar eh...

jd bila abis belajar nanti boleh keje dlm bidang apa?

Liana Ryan said...

science officer normally la.. but saingan mmg sengit

Syida Muhajir said...

Sabar k. Kita kena pandai main peranan untuk ubah mentality mereka terhadap kita.

-salam perkenalan, saya syida. BW and follow here

Liana Ryan said...

yea.. tanak jd cam mereka