Thursday, April 12, 2012

Don't over happy, someone outside there maybe struggling to live

Me and Carlson went to mall just to watch some good movie, Battleship. It is nice and good movie indeed! I've been happily waiting for this movie for a long time and I think it is worth to waste a bit money for fun.

You know, when we're about to queues with a lot of people that time, I felt tired and annoyed with some moron in front of me especially when they need to make phone call with their friends about movie tickets. Please, there's a rule "no phone call" at the counter over there! Moreover, we need to rush because time was already ran out. Glad I can control myself from being mad and the movie also gave me a good mood.

After the movie time finish, I went check my Facebook before I go to sleep at my home. That time, I felt bad because I'm too much happy and too much enjoy myself at the outside. There's a lot of tragedies happen at the same time I feel so comfortable with my life. There're tsunami, earthquake, accidents, death and so on. I'm feel so touched when I see their pictures, they cry.

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