Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I have join the "Etnic Queen" competition for Gawai celebration

I was thought that I already post at least one entry in this month but when I go double check, I realize that I've not yet do the post. I didn't busy actually but sometimes I feel lazy to go online. Soon will be a Gawai celebration in the same time also we got one week holiday and study week.

Lucky to those people who can go home for celebration holiday because their home is quite near from university, while I never have a chance to go home especially for Eid Al-Adha celebration (my family celebrate that celebration). But I'm okay, instead of being call as a stupid by some people because we don't go study.

Well, since we as student cannot just focus on study only. I have to join some university's activities to maintain my study performance and also my activities performance. One of the activities that I have join is "Etnic Queen" activity. What can I say about this activity is, I feels like I have join something to do with "Miss" contest, which we need to learn how to catwalk, how to answer the questions and so many other things.

This is me, this time I still can't believe what I have done here

This is question and answer session, I felt so nervous that time

Sometimes, it is look like "Kumang Gawai" contest. LOL. I'm just nobody


Jasman said...

mesti kamu menang...hehe

Liana Ryan said...

jasman: oh tidak.. sy takda confident.. malula...