Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Owed and the important of black and white agreement

I never asking for pay back. I'm happy when I know I could give something to people. I'm happy when I can sacrifice something of mine for the one I love. I never asking something in return from them but at least appreciate what I trying to do for them unless if that people consider that thing as a debt, well I hope they will remember to give it back to me even though I didn't asking. I don't like people who just said "I will pay you back" and then for the next 10 years they still do nothing about it.

It is not actually about my bestfriend because I knew they're all nice people and never treat me like this. They even help me when I'm really broke. But got some people never learn from their mistake. People who looking for me whenever they need me, promise everything and done nothing. I guess I need black and white agreement so I can remind them at least.

p/s people are selfish, they don't even remember who was gave the hand to them when they in trouble.

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