Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When parent treat each of their children unfairly

People said there's no mother/parent who doesn't love their own child. Same like child who never hate their own parent. Me myself love my family so much and my love become more and more everyday. They are the best parent in the world who accept me for who I am and respect my own decision. But this time entry is not about me. It's about other people's parent.

I might be a quiet person in real life but I see everything happen around me. I knew other people stories well, and they sometimes act like I don't even know about it. I feel weird why parent who treat their each of childrens unfair still exist? Whenever they be with the child the love most, they will with the other child worst. The funny things about this unlucky child is, they still begging for love and attention from their parent. They're the one who hold tight the family bonding. Why?

Their parent never respect their decision, they reject it, complain and some part, they willing to disown their own children just because their child didn't do what their parent want they do. Where's their nature of humanity? Why they willing to do that for the sake of their God and their reputation toward other people?

Asian parent the MOST disgusting parent that I ever met. You know why? When their children can't be someone that they want their children be, they will torture them mentally by saying "I was dying to gave birth to you and this is how you repay me??" Why some mentality parent always wanted something from their children in the future? Why don't they just let them make their own decision and let them be happy.

Our children need our support, why so hard for you to see that instead of give them a lecture about God and religion, so go to hell those imaginary things that you try to poison your own child. I hope our community will set up at least one organisation of rescue people who disown by their parent.

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