Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am a chubby girl

When I'm stress, I will eat and eat. The biggest problem now is I always stress with everything, so you know.. Until now, I realize I'm so much chubby and my weight gained. It is not about how I feel regret being so chubby nowadays, I mean not really. I actually feel so impress with myself how I can change myself drastically. For your information also, I'm type of food lover even though I choose what I want to eat. I don't feel shy like the other girl when I take some foods at pavillion, and I took it in large quantity.

I ever saw one girl at UNIMAS student pavillian that day, I feel weird when I saw her put one bowl of rice on her plate, and then she put back the other half into rice warmer barrel, then she trying to take again and put on her plate, after that she put again inside the barrel and at last, she just take one bowl of rice, I feel so dumb suddenly when I saw her action.

What she's afraid about? She look so skinny and type of high metabolism person but why the hell? Is that because she's girl and people will look down on girl that take large amount of foods? Goddamn people mentality such horrible! Beautiful only deserve to skinny and flawless girl.

I don't like diet! That's all and I know I never be slim again


AmirFX said...

Chubby kat pipi jak nak? Best k gigit ya.. haha..

Jajas said...

comel comel comel...hehe

Liana Ryan said...

amir: hihihihiiii.. cakit di gigit..=p

Liana Ryan said...

amir: hihihihiiii.. cakit di gigit..=p

Liana Ryan said...

jajas: =D