Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Untold problems

We just can't talk so much about us on internet like through Facebook, blog or Twitter. We just can give some clues and 30% of our stories to people around the world. Different people has different way to think, different ideas and different responses. If you guys realize why sometimes my blog and Facebook look so quiet, doesn't mean my life is boring, it is just something that I can't say it out loud.

There's so much things happen to me nowadays, I really wanted to write here about my detail stories but I just can't. I realize I stay far away from my family. Living in this strange house take my happiness slow and slowly. I can't move out because something tied my both hands with chains. I didn't ask to live here but been forced, so please don't assume like they know all my stories.

I don't mind if I stay far away from my family because I'm not homesick type of person. I've been through so many times of distress during my diploma and I'm still okay. Now, my personal life is killing me because I have to deal with some bastard people and everything is ruin so bad cause by them! Luckily, I still have friends beside me even though they don't know so much about my problem.

I hope, someone will come to help me untie all of these chains and make my enemies pay what they have done to me.

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