Thursday, July 26, 2012

Semenggoh Wildlife with friends

Usually, I didn't care so much about Padawan area, because before I was thought that there's nothing special about it. But after I look at the Padawan sign board when I pass it to go to Serian, I realize there're many places we can visit over there like Semenggoh Wildlife, Annah Rais Hotspring and also the most beautiful place is Borneo Highland. Starting that time, I decided to have a visit one day when I have free time and extra money.

Many days ago, me and my friend went to Semenggoh Wildlife. So, Semenggoh Wildlife is checked!

This was my first time seeing Orang Utan. The biggest monkey species that I ever seen, bigger than human body size but poorly, we're not allowed to go for a closer look. 

I swear I will not makeup if I know that I will become such messy like this. We need to walk around 20 minutes from the outside because we're thought that we want to feel walking in the nature. I'm pretty bad sweating that time

If you want to know, Padawan area is located between Kuching and Serian area and close to 7th mile area since Padawan also known as 10th mile area. Mostly Padawan people are Bidayuh and they are beautiful people.

This is the road on the way to go to Borneo Highland and Annah Rais

For your information, Semenggoh Wildlife, Annah Rais and Borneo Highland share the same road

Next time maybe we will visit the Annah Rais and then we will go to Borneo Highland because that place need a bit requirement to go there and a bit pricey.

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