Monday, July 30, 2012

My face and simple makeup

Actually, I love makeup. I wish that I can have a lot of money to buy a makeup for me and I wish I can makeup myself like an expert. There's many times I tried to makeup but I just make myself look so old, plus a bit messy, and my skin sometimes look so dry. If I feels like I want to makeup, I just make it simple enough with some mascara, compact powder, and lipstick.

I admit that I do feel like to over makeup but I can't let myself to destroy my own face. You know, you have to pay a high price to MUA (makeup artist) for being a pretty girl. I wish I can be just like them, I wish I can do art at least on my face.

Natural beauty is the best beauty in the world but not all people look so pretty without a makeup. I prefer the face without makeup, I feel fresh but it is doesn't mean I'm natural beauty. I have a combination skin condition. Even though I don't do makeup, I need to use cleanser, cream, moisturizer, toner, serum and also UV cream as protection. We need to take care of our skin even though we might think we are not so pretty to do that.

I always wanted to have a very flawless skin like perfect tomato skin, but I also understand it is never happen. All I have to do now just do the best for my skin.


Jajas said...

klu dh lawa makeup sikit pon nampak lawa...hehe

Liana Ryan said...

ye lah tue.. anyway, thanks slalu singgah sini.. blog dah bersawang