Sunday, July 29, 2012

UNIMAS for all

These days, I realize that so many people try to look for information about life in university especially UNIMAS, of course because UNIMAS is at Sarawak and far away from Malaysia peninsular.

I know there's many people give bad impression about Sarawak and UNIMAS because that's what their set their mind. Well, I don't want make it as an issue. UNIMAS is quite large and got so many facilities. Even we need to take a bus to go to east campus from west campus. There's also got a large library (CAIS), gym, hostel like apartment style, bowling alley, kayaking, and many other things.

Moreover, there's also 7 Eleven, student pavillion with beautiful lake view, which is if you know how to live here and know how to find a good food, you will have no problem at all because some student here maybe never like this place, so anything relate about Sarawak and UNIMAS, they will never find joy inside it. That's mind set.

For your information also, UNIMAS actually located at Kota Samarahan area, not at Kuching. Kuching is about 35km from Kota Samarahan. Normally student can buy their basic needs from Desa Ilmu which located near at East Campus. UiTM also located at Kota Samarahan.

Once you go here, you will meet some friend. Having a temporary life here will give you a lot of experiences because you will meet many different kind of people. So, try get use to it and never jugde other people just because you think your life is more religious than the others.

Just be glad because you have a chance to further your study. There's a lot of people who struggling to go to university especially Sarawakian, some of them unlucky just because of you. If you don't like Sarawak or UNIMAS, just click the reject button on UPU website and give other people chance to change their life. For those who feel excited to further their study there, congratulation and welcome!

I always believe that not all Malaysia peninsular people like to think negative about Sarawak. Some Sarawakian also not so nice and racist. It is not about states or races. It's about people and how they think about the others.


Jajas said...

study...jgn nak bercinta pula...hehe

Liana Ryan said...

hahahahaha.. itu sudah jauh melencong