Sunday, August 26, 2012


Sometimes, I just can't handle my emotion, If I feel mad, I need it to release. If I feel sad, I will cry. That's why my blog always full with my personal stories. I just can't tell my stories to the random people because I know I can't trust them and they will manipulating my stories. If I release it through my blog, nothing can change that but me. Right now, I feel stress when facing with "race issues", not because I wanted to, because I'm the victim in between two races and their fucking religions.

I feel so damn annoyed with some people who too much proud with their race until they look down at the other races. They always think that their ethnic is better than any other ethnics. That's what we call as ethnocentrism, because this is what commonly happen since the human exist. 

I understand we need to glorify our own culture, we born with it and that's the part of our life, but it doesn't mean the prejudice and stereotype with other races occur in our mind. The worse part is when religion come and mix with the cultures. We're fucked up! You know what I mean.

I'm not saying it is just Malaysia having this problem. It is world wide problem. 


Ikmal said...

Assalam, betul tu sebabkan benda2 mcm nielah kita boleh berperang... harap masyarakat akan sedar tentang perkara ini... (^_^)

Liana Ryan said...

Itulah.. kita semua duduk berbilang kaum.. Ingat kat Sarawak dah aman damai tapi masih lagi ada duri dalam daging berlaku di depan mata