Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Religious people also can hate other people?

I didn't mean to get mad this time. I just feel frustrated with some people. They are not my friends but someone I know from someone. They are good people, but only be good to the people they like. I am the person who they really hate so you know what I mean.

Maybe some people don't understand how it feels to be hated just because we did something that we can't control. Moreover, they hate us because they feel so insecure with our existence. Those are religious people, I tell you. The religion which believe in forgiveness, being nice to all people, love their enemy and I guess this is bullshit because I didn't see any good in them. None. Whoever I see people still believe in God but not so religious looks better than people who think they are holy.

But I'm okay. I try to control myself from doing something that I don't want to because hurting people is not nice. That's humanity, that's moral. Unlike people who never forget to go pray but still do the bad thing toward other people.

Those people quietly brainwash me how bad religious people is. I hate their hatred. Don't ever say it is not religion fault, it is religion fault because they hate me by the name of their God.

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