Saturday, August 25, 2012

I didn't do anything, why the hell you put the blame on my race?

People with typical mindset are dangerous. They are closed minded people who cannot think further than what they have been set in their mind. You know what happen in Malaysia? Even though we live in multiracial country which other people look at us like so peace and harmony, we're actually silently fighting because we 're different.

When we hate other group of race, we never see the good in it. Even though only one or just majority of that group do the mistake, they will put the blame on all of people in that group because they hate them, no matter how nice some of them. That's reality.

I still can accept when Malay fighting with non-Malay or Muslim fighting with non-Muslim on internet because cyber world is just so wide and free to do anything we like and still can stay anonymously. You know coward is everywhere, you know sarcastic people is seeking for stupid attention. But this time, I have seen real life certain families saying and do something racist to the other people. I heard stories from their child how their parent brainwash them to hate other people race. I don't really mind about Islam things, because almost every people in this world hate Islam whether they know about Islam or not. Even some of Muslim themselves hate Islam for certain reason. No offense. But people who hate Malay because of Islam is just ridiculous, even some educated people also confuse between Malay and Islam. What the hell?

Everytime Muslim come and messed with them, they will automatically will blame the Malay race. I don't know what kind of mentality like that. Even not all Muslim is a bad Muslim. Same goes with Dayak because I also been treated bad by some Dayak families but I never blame my Dayak friends.

The most annoying part is when we meet people who always complain everything and blame other races for stupid reason. Yet, they still can be friend with those people, wear their traditional clothes, eat their traditional foods, pretend that they like that culture and act like we're okay with it. Don't be such hypocrite, we just make that community feel frustrated with our mindset.

I believe we're matured enough to think what is the good and the bad thing. If someone spoiling you, don't curse their race, or maybe you can blame their religion. Maybe you don't understand why I always relate the people attitude with their religion, someday I will tell you why.


Jajas said...

sabar...tak kenal maka tak cinta...betul x?hehe

Aliana AB said...

marah juga sbb benda ni terkena sendiri.. nasib, sabar jer la