Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Tampung Seribu" blanket

When I was young, I hate "Tampung Seribu" blanket because I was thought that kind of blanket look so ugly, just like patched clothes. "Tampung Seribu" blanket is a type of blanket that consist of many pattern of fabrics be cut into small specific shape, combine it together over and over until it become a big blanket. Usually this blanket is quite thick especially when we put some cotton between it.

What make me changed my mind about this blanket is, its giving me warm and I feel so comfortable wearing it, since my mum always force me to use it. The most amazingly about this blanket is, the price is quite expensive around RM100-RM300 depend on the seller. It is also a very unique blanket, antique, and smell like our grandmother, LOL. I mean, if you wearing it, you feels you at home.

We need to take a long time to make this blanket in a way to keep high quality of the fabrics and sewing technique. I try to make "Tampung Seribu" blanket which my mother guiding me to do this, in the same time I can help her to finish her work because this all fabrics is not mine. It is quite simple actually but bored because you need to sew by hand and you will easily get tired because got so many fabrics, need to sew into hundreds of the same shape.

By the way, if I can't afford to finish this within a month, I have to give it back to my mum because it is my mum's work (actually) and I need to go to study on next semester. But what I have learn from this is always be patient and never give up to get something. The big the gift is, the hard we need to work for it.

The pictures below is example of "Tampung Seribu" blanket
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Jajas said...

benda ni untuk ape ek?hehe

Liana Ryan said...

selimut.. kat semenanjung tak de? tampung seribu ni sgt famous sebab dikatakan sbgai brg traditional yg berguna =)

Ikmal said...

Assalam, tak silap mak aku pun ada juga buat benda nie... tapi bentuk dia mcm pentagon tak silap gitu... pergh, memang susah nak buat... hehhe.. salam kenalan dari Sabah... (^_^)

Liana Ryan said...

Hi, salam kenal ngan awak Ikmal.. kalau masa terluang dengan banyaknya memang menjahitlah kerja..

encik cool said...

pelik jea gebor nie..

Aliana AB said...

Encik Cool: ye ker??? biasalah selimut bertampal-tampal