Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ping blog websites

To all newbie bloggers who still confuse in blogging, sometimes we need to ping our blog so that our blog will always up-to-date in Google Search. It is actually important for bloggers who crave high traffic for their blog.

I always use two kind of ping blog after the "gengblogger" website been hacked by some people, and I don't know why. Sometimes people just can't let other people be happy. You know it is hard to make one good website especially when you have less knowledge in programming and IT, just saying that because I used to stay up many days just to build one simple website on my last semester.

Well, back to the topic. I put 2 link of the ping blog so that you guys can have a look before joining it.

1. Ping Busuk - It's common. For non-bloggers, they must be irritating everytime they try search on Google using Malay language version and always come out this website on the first place.

2. Gezt - I don't familiar with this but you guys can try and be friend with some other bloggers.

It is so simple to join it. You just sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account and ping your entry at the right place. Farewell!


Elie Lily said...

elie tak penah guna dua2 ni. salu kalau lepas post entry, twit je kat twitter..hihi

Aliana AB said...

sy malas sket nak tweet2 nih.. hehe.. guna ping 2 kat atas, secara automatic dah boleh ping kat twitter