Thursday, August 23, 2012

Over stress

I feel so hard to imagine what my life would be if I can't handle my stress. There's a time I will stress with my social life, sometimes dealing with evil people who pretend as an angel is worse thing ever! Sometimes I also feel stress with my study. I know it's normal to have stress but I have my own limit. Well, what kind of stress make you have a nightmare almost every night?

I also can see my health been affected right now by my emotion and over stress. How I wish I could have peace in my mind and also my environment as soon as possible. Right now I need to struggle to finish my study and get out from here soon and start my new life again.

I know some people feeling so hard to leave their hometown and start their new life at the other place, but if your condition won't allow you to stay. sooner or later you will have to leave. Same goes with me. I need to stay away from negative people. I want to be with people with positive vibes, nice and polite and most important, they never talking behind my back.

Well, right now fuck forgiveness. There's no peace in forgiveness. Peace only exist in certain people with certain environment. We just need to look for it and be like them.


Jajas said...

sabar je la...

ko tumbok ja dia bah...hehe

Liana Ryan said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. kalaulah dapat, tumbok dlm mimpi jak la.. hahaha