Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tragedy on Kayaking sport inter-college competition

For your information, UNIMAS has launching a Kayaking sport inter-college competition. I was involved as a cheers member. Since Sakura college residents quite few and only consisted of girls, our cheers voice sound so soft and not so spirited compared to BRC, Allamanda, TAZ, and Kenanga college because they have guys.

But I don't felt any regret. I work so hard for our cheers and wish our college for the best. Even though I got sore throat at that time, I forced myself to cheers loudly as loud as I can. Well, at least we don't go there and embarrassed ourselves. After the cheers done, I have to go out since that day was our weekend which I normally will stay at the outside.

I don't even know that I can't go out yet at that time, but I already ask my leader and she said okay since that time was already 6 pm. Coincidentally, I also got my first period without my conscious and my feeling seems like force me to go out as soon as possible because I started don't feel comfortable. So, I just went out, and I don't care anymore.

When I already at the outside of UNIMAS, I just realize that my friends was texted and called me said that I need to sign out for cheers. I was like "what the fuck??" because just now before I went out, I already sign out my attendant, and now they refused to approve that. I mean, what kind of leader like that? Just now, she said this, and now she said that. I already lost 3 merits for that, goddamn!


Jajas said...

amboi...mesti seronok kan...hehe

Khalilah MNor said...

Hehe, sampai ke abis blajar, tak pernah amik tau pasal berapa merit dpt...:)

Aliana AB said...

jajai: tak pun.. tak dpt merit =(

Aliana AB said...

khalilah: klu umah dekat, senang ulang alik mmg tanak stay college.. wat susah jer fikir pasal merit