Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am not Chinese

That day, after finished my classes, I went to student pavillion just to buy something to eat. I'm a food lover, I love eat in large quantity. To me, student pavillion food seems like so nice even though lecturers and other students always complain the pavillion foods. Well, I don't mind about that instead of eating instant Maggi Mee soaked in hot water.

After I went for food take away, I go to this one beverage outlet also located at student pavillion. I suddenly feels like I want to buy an ABC dessert. I ordered from their cashier (a young guy) and I saw he wrote something on my ABC cup, you can see the picture below. LOL. He's so cute!

Then, he asked me "Are you Chinese?". I said nope, I'm Malay and he was like "Are you serious???" and the more surprisingly, he didn't expect me that I'm Sarawakian. People always misunderstand my race. Some people said that my face 100% doesn't look like Malay face. They said my face more to Chinese, I don't why but as long as we're an Asian, it is normal to have an Asian face. Why not?

Chinese people also like to speak Chinese with me when they first time see me. Even my Mandarin language teacher also thought that I was studied at Chinese primary school. Wait what? The only language that I think that I can speak fluently is Malay Baku language, and I actually forgot how to speak and recognize some Mandarin character.

So, maybe because I'm mixed blood people. LOL. Not so mixed blood actually because my grandparents still an Asian, I don't really count on Malay, Chinese, Dayak, Orang Ulu or what so ever races in Asian countries because their face is just typical and almost similar (skin tone, hair color and physical appearance) every each of them.


Jajas said...

dia nak ngurat la tu...hehe

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nice blog..

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Lots of beneficial in a row. I give rise to bookmarked your place.