Monday, April 8, 2013

Ways to tell if someone hate you

Ways to tell if people don't like you:

1. Whenever you go, they will find the way to avoid face to face with you. They just don't want to see you, and you know what you will do if yo find someone like that.

2. They like to talk about unclear things in front of you in sarcastic way which you know they actually point it to you. Sometimes, they just don't like to have a conversation with you.

3. Whatever you do, there's always mistake for them even you realize that and you trying to fix it but they still unhappy about it. To them, you are the mistake.

4. They like to compete with you. They never let you win or even have new stuffs or being pretty. They will do something to make you feel ugly in your life. Jealousy never end as long as they hate you so much.

5. They will try to spread their hatred toward you to the other people so that other people will hate you too. people will look you as a jerk, bad person, slut and so on. They willing to lie if that thing make them feel satisfy.

6. They will try to avoid eye contact with you when they need to talk about something to you. They feel annoying, that's all.

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7. Sometimes they trying to show how they hate you so much, like doing the things that you hate most. It is easy when everytime you peace peace and they come making loudly noise and throw things on the floor.

8. When they in bad mood, They will say something that make you feel unhappy about it.

9. Their Facebook status look not so nice because you know they actually talk bad thing about you even though they didn't mention your name.

10. You trying to be nice but they always make you feel fucked up.

11. Sometimes, you can be invisible in front of them, whenever you need help, they always giving an excuses and the worst, they didn't do nothing about it.


Jajas said...

ooo0o0o0o...ramai la klu mcm tu xsuka aku ni...hehe

4feet8 said...

baca entry ni teringat kat sorg kawan. sbb satu hal, dia post kat FB, dan ckp pun dah start kasar..

Aliana AB said...

jajas: sabar jer la.. huuuuuu

Aliana AB said...

4feet8: tak baik dia buat macam tu.. sabae je k.. saya pun ada juga terkena bukan dr fb, cakap belakang

Iszarida Ismail said...

ha ha.. xsuka aku? xpe hada aku kecah?

Iszarida Ismail said...

ha ha....xsuka aku? ada aku kecah?