Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When religious people saying bad thing about other people

These days, I feel so sad and mad at the same time. I keep thinking the people who I have thought a good people quietly show their color through Carlson phone texts, especially after me and Carlson went for half day trip from Kuching to Miri.

If you guys read my previous entry about them, you will understand what happen to me lately. The worst part is when they lost their humanity asking Carlson to let me go ALONE overnight inside express bus for 16 hours to Miri. I wonder how they will feel if their daughter one day will be treated just like that, the way they treat me. How come they said something ridiculous like that to Carlson while actually Carlson was the one who force me to go to Miri that time.

It's funny when people simply come and judge without know the real story. I really appreciated what Carlson willing to do just for me and I'm glad that he's not that so much selfish person. The picture above is from his big sister, trying to psycho him by saying their mother was crying because Carlson accompany me go to Miri and she thought he will convert to Islam because their family hate Islam so much, they used to ran away from their own home go to Bau just because they don't want to be invited by their Muslim neighbor during Eid al-Fitr celebration, can you believe that?

I never force someone to convert to Islam especially Carlson, before we're together, I used to warn him about my status and he just said he will be okay with it, plus he also never believe in any stupid God. No offense. He said that religions just make people hating with each other, no function and idiotic. He said that, not me. While with our unstable government issues and condition, he don't really mind if one day he need to convert. So, where's my fault then? I don't even want to be with him at the first place, I don't even think to see him for the first time while he was willing to ask for his friend's help to go to BDC just to see me. What do you think about that? He's too young? Nope, he's 19 years old already at that time.

But it is not 100% Carlson's fault also. We are free to make our own decision, even though our parent won't be there to support us. I'm so sick with psychology's trick from certain parent willing to hurt themselves or even kill themselves just to make their child to fulfill what they want from them. It is such childish attitude! I hate people who make their own child looks like a bad child just because they don't follow their family's religion. Carlson is not a problematic child, his family is actually make him to be like that. While her big sister also once their problematic child because she was pregnant before she get married and their family have to support their own grandchildren (To me, that's not a problem as long as you're not become an overprotective parent). Please, don't mess your own child. They are also human being like you.

I don't mean to be rude but this situation really go too far. I know one day people around them will see me as a bad person because of their stories. I don't mind that because people who really go to their imaginary "hell" is not me. It is them who like to gossip and make their own version of my stories, surely that's their religion. If one day, people come and ask me about my hatred toward religions, this is the reason why. Don't simply put the blame on me without know how I feel about my life especially when dealing with so "religious people". Sorry to say.

"Don't kill the leaf because it will grown back again, kill the roots"

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