Monday, May 27, 2013

People can be so selfish for the sake of their religion and God

Last weekend, I was planned to go to Miri to visit my only grandmother. But, I was also thinking that I should cancel my plan because I'm running out of time before I go for practical on the next Monday. I need time to prepare myself and get ready for degree practical. Then, Carlson came to me and ask me to go to Miri at least for one day and he said to me, he will accompany me since the travel distance quite far (16 hours like that using express bus). He never let me stay in the bus alone for a long time even though I can travelling alone.

For my grandmother sake and also Carlson's support, I decided to go to Miri on that night. Before that, Carlson try to tell his parent that he will accompany me to go to Miri, I also asking him to tell them just to let them know where we're going. But, their feedback such so damn rude.

This text picture above was from her mum, order him not to go to Miri with me just because my race is different than them and also they thought that I'm Muslim which I never tell them the real me. Guess what, this is the reason why I never share anything about me to the other people, because I wanted to see their religion kindness but sadly, I think they're just the same like Muslim. You know the most funny excuses they told Carlson, people will arrest seclusion on us because Carlson go to my village, an Muslim village. They also told Carlson to let me go alone overnight in that bus. I guess this is religious people mentality, just like people who willing to risk other people's life for the sake of their God.

What the fuck they're thinking? How come JAIS people easily come and arrest us while their more than 20 people in that my grandmother's house, come and visiting my grandmother including my family also stay there right now. Carlson already explained it to them but they won't listen to him. They just busy with their insecure like Muslim feeling so insecure on Christian Bible. Now, I know their true color, I always heard from Carlson stories about the way his family prejudice the Muslim and Islam religion, I try to be positive, which I think that it is not that bad and now... I feel him. I was wrong thinking that Nejea's family is a good and polite family who treat everyone nice. I was so wrong, and I feel hurt until now, how could they treat people like that. I never treat my Christian friends and mum's families so bad or even talk bad behind their back. Never!

I can't put the blame on Carlson just because he proposed me to be his partner without thinking about his family condition. We're just to late to step back, and now I have to feel what he feel and need to throw my pride away until we're able to ran away from them. I mean negative vibes, please go away.

I feel sorry with Carlson. I am. He used to said this to me "I don't care about the others, and you should never care about the other people too even they talk bad behind your back. You will marry me, not my family".

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