Thursday, May 30, 2013

People who don't want to understand

I remember long time ago, Carlson's mother used to complain to me about Matang Vocational College system being such unfair. Their daughter been punished by the Malay peninsular disciplinary warden of that college because she was came late to her hostel due to Christian pray for mother's day that night. She said there are also got other Christian parent who will bring their own villagers and do harm to that Malay Peninsular warden because they punish their children for being late. Well, when I heard that story, I immediately go online and try to contact that college about that incident, because I was concern and at least I can give a hand to help. But now, my help became a dust, people won't see it unless they work for it.

I'm glad I was failed to contact that Matang Vocational college. Sometimes, I feel scare to help people who will stab my back one day. I'm scare if my time wasted just like that for people who don't appreciate my existence. She ever said that I'm a person who don't understand other people's situation. Well, I guess she's the one who actually did the same like "Ibarat meludah ke langit, terkena diri sendiri". Didn't she remember how they treat me and Carlson when we need to go to Miri to visit my grandmother. If she understand, she will never say and do something like that.

They wanted people to understand their situation but they don't want to understand other people situation. How this is going to work? I wonder what make them feel so happy to hurt other people. You know how much I hate to turn back just because of them. Hell no. Unless, pay me with many souls.