Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Its been long time I didn't go to visit my parent

Today, I'm just do my practical at Kuching General Hospital as usual until 5pm, and then I went home. I only have night time for chilling but nowadays, the weather quite hot and I can't sleep well. This night, I suddenly miss my family, maybe because it's been so long I didn't got to visit them. Soon will be Eid al-Fitr, since my family are Muslim, they celebrate that Islam big day. I can't go home this year because my practical hospital department only give us a couple days off. For me, it is very short holiday since Kuching to Sibu  travel distance quite far and so the flight ticket so damn expensive (around RM300). I don't want to extend my practical just for holiday, I need to think about my Final Year Project Title and need to look for suitable Supervisor for it.

Sometimes, I feel weird with some people like to complain their religion celebration holiday is just too short like one or couple days only. Well, at least the calendar chamber or government approve their holiday. I'm so rarely go to my parent house too, but I'm okay with it as long as I still can contact them.

p/s I miss my family actually, very much! I wish them happy and healthy better than before and yesterday. The picture above is me, well I just trying some hijab for fashion, act like cute whore LOL and got nothing to do with religion. No offense.

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Khalilah MNor said...

comel la awak pakai tudung ^_^