Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sri Pristana School pupils were forced to eat at the school "toilet"?

Last week, the video about young teenagers celebrate their one "weekiversary" relationship gone viral. Now this time issue is about Sri Pristana School pupils forced to eat at the "toilet" by their school authorities due to respect Ramadhan fasting. So far, how can that story be so logic while we know not all the teachers in that school are Muslim. Do you believe this kind of viral story?

Like Muslim feel so insecure about other religion's existence, so do Non Muslim (Christian) when they feel oppressed by Muslim. Nobody knows the real story, people keep making up their own version of stories. But when we try to look at the picture, there's no "toilet things" inside that room, just some tables, chairs and sink. The pupils can't at the canteen due to closed every Ramadhan fasting. They can choose to eat at the outside but prefer to eat in that room because of facilities.

Moreover, there're also Muslim pupils who eat there and have no problem with that. Sometimes, religious people's critical thinking are so damn low. They can't even think logic because they been raised by believe in their imagination. You can see from their comments, all are hatred things came out from their mind, yet they said to us "I believe in God and his mercy, I believe in kindness" Well, fuck that. Christian and Muslim are the same, as long as they believe in God, they're going nowhere.

They chose not to understand rather than try look for the truth, because they only want to see what they want to see. Children are not stupid. They won't eat at the dirty place like toilet unless their parent don't know how to teach their children to be hygiene.

This picture taken to reduce tension between "judgmental and religious people".

Well, that's only my opinion about how people judge the others too soon. To be fair, if you want to know the real story, try to ask that school authorities, don't just read the Facebook comment and make your own story version. If you think the government school is just lack of facilities, why won't they just cut the government servant salaries, collect it and give to schools, hospital and so on. It's better than talk too much on Facebook right?

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