Sunday, July 21, 2013

A person who can't be trusted

I try so hard to avoid myself from people who make my life in trouble, but I think I can't get rid of that people since they are the most close to me right now. It is Carlson (direct to the point), I considered that he's a twisted person who sometimes can be good to you and sometimes can be a liar or even hide something from you.

This is my feeling right now, hurt.

I'm not saying bad thing about him, but I feel so frustrated. I sacrifice myself most of the time just to make him feel better about himself, like I help him to buy something without asking back for my money. Well at least, appreciate me. Sometimes, when I begging him for help (put a password on my hard drive), he simply act like he don't care and keep proceed with his own stuff. He even blame me when he broke while I know his phone credit money wasted to call someone else and I think I'm the one who wasted more money for both of us than his money. I used to buy 1M data simcard (very cheap internet broadband simcard at that time) for him and guess what, he gave it to his sister. He just don't understand how I need him to be online all the time with me plus the simcard is cheap will help him to be more economic.

I don't know what should I do about him. Sometimes, he can be a good guy but at certain time, he's different. Maybe the way he was raised by his family make his attitude to be like that. I understand if he can't afford to help me or he prefer to help his family other than me. But what if he's actually afford but he refuse and he act like he can't. Maybe I'm too much protest, but I'm not an idiot.

After all, I know that I'm alone. That's why I always prepare myself for something in case. I know my life become so miserable after I meet him and his family but I need to walk more to the front. There's no step back. Once I succeed, I will do something to protect people like me one day.

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