Friday, July 19, 2013

Degree practical at SGH (Sarawak General Hospital)

After the unforgettable moment on my last entries, I try to convince myself to be more strong, even though I'm hurt. I try not to bother those shit things even though I always got nightmares about them almost every night. Now, I start my practical with empty cold heart at SGH (Sarawak General Hospital) Kuching. I  act like I'm okay with fake smile like I always did when I was in my secondary school.

Do you know that I also used to practical at this place during my diploma? When I go to their lab today, I can smell the old me and the old environment. I miss this place. There's nothing much changed except the staffs here, maybe new staff I guess. I have one mission to go here, I want to prove to some of arrogant staff from blood bank laboratory who used to said this to us "You girls loan from PTPTN to study and as soon as you finish your study, try to get married with rich man and hope he will pay your loan" because private diploma is nothing to them. But right now, I need to hide my diploma identity, for certain reason.

Compared from last time practical and now practical. I prefer now practical because I feel so free even though I'm alone almost all the time, as long as I didn't scare to ask people and be talkative. The other practical student here also very friendly even though they're not really close to each other since they are from different college like KSKB (Kolej Sains Kesihatan Bersekutu), UIM degree and also private college (Masterskill, PTPL and iSystem).

Like I always did, I never let myself to be bias. I wanted to be neutral, but humble. I actually feel a bit sorry with private diploma practical student here. They need to work hard to get secure position. Don't ever say that they choose not to enter KSKB, it is just they are unlucky not be chosen to get free education and free allowance. I salute them, wasted their money just to be here, and I was one of them before and look at me now. This is why I really love to study. The only pride that we have.

p/s Some SGH staff said to me that day  "You are stylo person, are you?" by looking at my style. Well, I accept that as a compliment.

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