Saturday, July 20, 2013

Recover the deleted data and pictures

I'm not really expert in hardware and software computer technologies, but at least I know the basic about between those two. Well, last week someone have use my external hard disk and my laptop without my permission. I doesn't mean to be stingy, but they sabotaged my data inside it.

I've found hardly to trust people around me lately, like the person who I just talked about just now. They deleted some of my pictures (even the picture is about other people) but it is too privacy. I feel so damn mad! That people so weird, they even stalk my stuffs inside bedroom even though I just rent it but it is doesn't mean they can see whatever they like inside it. What the fuck?

Like my friend used to said this to me "never ever trust anyone even though they are your family", I mean the other's family which I experiencing now. They are like happy family when you see them face to face but they are evil deep inside their heart and they never think twice to stab you whether front or back. Trust me, their religion is not guarantee they are good person.

One of the private pictures that I've been recovered, and need to be blurred. 

But now I'm glad I have found one software which can recover back my deleted data including privacy pictures. Nothing is impossible in this modern technology even someone delete their nude pictures inside their phone also can be traced, even phone camera also can be hacked if we know how.

So, this is my lesson. I must do the copies everywhere so that my data won't lost again. Those data and pictures most important to me because I believe one day it will protect me from bad people. I just can't tell you guys what kind of data and picture that I've tried hard to recover back, but yes it is not my face on that pictures, it is screenshots about sensitive issues and someone nude which people believe them are innocent but I know they are not. I know actually who they are. Those things the only things can protect me, in case.


Syakira Adam said...

hye Aliana. selamat hari raya ;) nak tanya. awak guna software ape yee tuu nak recover balik the pitures. i really need your help if u dont mind to share it with me. thanks dear :)

Aliana AB said...

hari tu install kat laptop lain, banyak jugalah software kena guna sampai tak ingat mana satu yang bagus, try lah google dulu k.. ;)