Friday, August 23, 2013

Love and commitment

10 years couple and bored? It's mostly true. Let me share one story about love,

" There're one man and one woman been together for almost 12 years, and still not yet getting married. Both already have their own job especially the woman been working a lot from day to night and didn't realize she's getting cold and start to ignoring her boyfriend. That man need an attention and he feel so alone. He even think that his girl doesn't love him anymore. 

That man can't help himself being such a doll and he start to look for a friend and share everything with them. He knows his guy friend not really a good listener, so he try to be friend with other woman who he can see her everyday, talk and eat together. His new friend is a single, she's a good listener, she even give him support, help him in everything and loyal. 

They suddenly fall in love, from friend to bestfriend and now become a special friend. All of this happen when his girl start ignoring him and he try to look for the other girl even though his only plan that time is just a friend who can be a good listener to him."

I guess we can put the blame on both of them. It is impossible for one person can be busy 24/7, she don't even try to make her time with her man. When she start ignoring her man, we knows that her man is no more her first priority.

That man desperate for an attention but he didn't do something to fix his relationship. He rather try to look the other one and at the end, he just can't control his feeling. You know it is hard a woman can be a good friend with a man without any feeling. Trust me. No matter how hard you pretend like you're in your friendzone, your feeling make you just... weak, unless you ignore how you feel toward them.

100 years of love relationship doesn't guarantee it will last forever. Even married can divorce. Love should be exist together with commitment. No commitment, your love is just temporary unless when you already have a child. Mostly parent willing to sacrifice their feeling just to make sure their children growing well.

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