Friday, August 23, 2013

Religion issues

The more I know about people around me, the more I have learn that there're many new things happen out of my knowledge especially during my practical time. The interesting moment is when I have a very open minded conversation with other students from UIA (International Islamic University). When we're sharing our experiences, I can tell that their world and my world is just like so damn different. Their life more to Islam stuff, and their discussion mostly about Syiah, Wahabi or something to do about that.

While my discussion is more about the other global things. You know I'm not religious, so I don't want to talk more like I know everything. I try not to hurt other people feeling about their beliefs. I'm just cool, but lot of people said that I'm type of too open minded person and some of them don't mind at all to share everything to me.

So, you must know the story about Dr Melisa right? I post it on previous entry. The woman who people told that she converted to Islam and her whole family reject her especially her dad, maybe they did "something" to her and cause she become like that. I don't know about that but a lot of people said that's truth story about her. Whatever happen to her, I feel sorry. People just can't rid from their weird tradition. They will to kill or do anything for their God and their religion. That's why I can't stand among them, I'm just can't let my brain think the way they think.

I also remember one story about my friend's cousin's boyfriend. He was married with Peninsular Muslim woman and stay at peninsular. He's a Bau Bidayuh man who work at peninsular, and he was converted to Islam to get marry with that Muslim woman. But their marriage broke down because the Muslim woman suddenly asking for divorce just because she want to get married with another guy. I feel pity with their daughter, the Muslim woman's family reject the man and the daughter and then, they just return back to Sarawak. Maybe he feel so frustrated, he then try to live without Islam and his daughter feel ashamed because she was born in Islam identity, while she also been teased by her schoolmates because of her identity. Her dad then meet my friend's cousin, fall in love and will get married soon. I also heard that man and his daughter will convert back to Christian. Well, I don't mind about this, as long as they're happy.

Maybe other people will judge their life for being something like this and that, but they don't how struggle that person to survive, being hurt and heal but still in trauma. People like so much judge the others by the name of their God, every believers believe their religion is real and I found it funny because they just make themselves being hated more and more. The kindness have to be showed from act, not through mouth.

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