Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Double standard during practical time

Hi. Can't believe that I'm able to finish my practical successfully. This is my last week at SGH, there're so many things happen here and I will keep it as my memories. I will never forget my fellow friends from iSystem, KSKB, Masterskill, PTPL, SEGI, UIA,UM, UPM and also UKM. They are so nice and friendly, I'm so glad to have a chance to see them all.

Also thanks to SGH staff here, mostly they are humble and not snobbish to the practical student like us. There're also got certain people who not really nice to the other people. The most unforgettable moment when I was practical at Chemistry Pathology lab, I've found a bit discrimination between private college and KSKB student. I feel sad when they have been treated bad by the staff especially in front of me. I remember when got one staff ask KSKB student go to the meeting room to have a Biochemistry tutorial taught by Mr. J (one of Chemistry lab staff). Then, got one PTPL student came to me and asked me whether they can join that KSKB tutorial. I told her to ask the Chemistry staff by herself since I'm not in their field.

Then, the other staff (Madam C) came and ask the other diploma student join the KSKB tutorial time. That PTPL student look so excited, and she said she willing to leave her smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note II inside her bag that time since she like to chat and Facebook. I told them I will not join them but I will accompany them to go to meeting room. When we're arrived, the PTPL student was trying to open the meeting room door and ask Mr. J whether they can join those KSKB's tutorial. Surprisingly, Mr. J just simply said that tutorial only SPECIFICALLY for KSKB student. No outsiders. Wait what?? How could he said something like that to private college student? Why so hard for them to share the knowledge to the others. How I wish I can raise my voice to backup those private college student but I'm also a practical student just like them. I don't want to make any trouble at that time, so we went back to Chemistry lab.

Other than Pathology Chemistry lab, there're also many other labs which put the KSKB student as their priority, can you believe that, they teach the KSKB student secretly when there's no private college student around them. I don't know why they willing to lost their humanity just because they think they're better than the others. I'm not saying  bad thing about that KSKB student, I'm just curious why some staff trying so much to be bias toward student, just like they teach their children to hate other people's religion or maybe their religion teach them to hate people who different than them. If they're good people, they won't give a double standard treatment to people. I'm not a good person also but I treat all people fair and square.

Being a government servant doesn't mean they will go to their imaginary "heaven". One day, being too arrogant will mess their life and their family. There's no "happy forever and ever", someday they will go down and I can guarantee that for them. If this time they treat other children bad, one day someone will come treat their children worse.

I don't care if that people younger or older than me, I don't give respect according to their number of age. Whether they change or be punished, it is up to them. So far, most private college student that I have found after they graduated, more success than me and the others who think they are better. I ever found a person who once studied at PTPL and now her salary can reach around RM10K (not offshore type of job, still in lab field) by using her PTPL Diploma certificate.


Qitz Zam-zam said...

Sethuju dan berisi yo~
Aku budak kskb gak..haha

Aliana AB said...

haha.. luahan dulu kala