Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm home!

Soon will be end of January, My new mission for this year for my blog is I want to post more pictures than words. Last year was my toughest since I study my Degree in Kuching. I felt sad and mad toward people who really happy to see me became like that. I think I should move forward and be better than me before.

These days lately is our semester holiday, I go to Dalat to see my dad and hopefully my dad will bring us to see my mum soon.

Taking my picture at International Kuching Airport

As soon as I arrive at Mukah, my dad made me this. I miss his cooking

This is Mukah before we proceed go to Dalat

The guy behind me is my dad, eating waffle 

At night, we went to Sibu for shopping

Soon will be Chinese New Year celebration, what a nice decoration

Well, this is me being happy

Even I only have a couple weeks here, I feel glad before I go fight with my final year project on the next semester. By the way, for those my friends who soon will finish their study, congrats.

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