Saturday, February 15, 2014

We're went to mum's village

On 26 of January. My dad, my third brother and me went to visit my mum at Rumah Bala located at Sungai Buluh, Selangau. Actually, it is kind of my dad routine to go there at every weekend to see my mum and give her some food and money. My mum and my dad didn't stay together for a long time since dad move to Dalat.

I just got my brand new laptop and that time, I guess I will bring it to go to mum's village

I never forget to take selfie

Before we go to mum's village, we plan to go to my parent's house at Sibu

This place is Aunty Lia's garden

I love this river since I was a kid, I remember I always play with my cousin here and I was almost drowned in this river. Goddamn, I'm so naughty.

This is my third brother

This is my mum's village. The villager's long house was gone by fire many years ago and now they have to start again their new life without having much money

We just went there about a few hours only because we need to go back to Dalat. I can't believe my aunt was cried when I try to hug and kiss her cheeks. I love my mum and and I love my family members, I wish I could be with them again next time.

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