Friday, March 14, 2014

Nothing is privacy with gadgets

Do you like to play with your gadgets so much? Is your smartphone have a good camera? Do you like taking a lot of selfies and videos? Do you know that your pictures and videos actually are not so that privacy? Here, I will tell you how this can be leaked:

1. Password on your phone lockscreen is not real problem, there are many ways to unlock it without damaging your phone software and also there are so many apps can break that lock.

2. Sometimes, there are apps inside our phone can automatically sync our data on Google, Facebook, Twitter and many other social medias. Make sure you are alert with this things since our phone 24/7 connected to the internet. 

3. Sometimes, we give our trust randomly with un-trusted people to explore our phone. Who knows they can steal our pictures and videos which maybe private. Don't ever trust people. They like an attention. 

4. To someone who like to trade in their phone, make sure you deleted all our data inside your phone. More safe, you just try to reset factory so you won't get clumsy. 

5. But sometimes for the best, try not to sell back your old smartphone or whatever iPad and so on. Some people can recover back your deleted data even though you deleted it already. Same goes with computer and laptop. You know you already clear your recycle bin, but don't get too much calm because some hackers could restore back all of those things again. 

6. Some people like to upload their photos and videos inside their own social media like Facebook. Even though they put the privacy setting into "seen only by me". Nothing is permanent. Anytime, the setting can changed with our permission, well who knows. So, be careful.  

I have found one Facebook page which you guys can see many pictures of nude local girls. The weird part is they didn't know their pictures was leaked and how it can be leaked because they deleted those pictures already. One girl that I've found closed her Facebook already. Pity.

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